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Here you will find information about the opportunities you have to study abroad during your education.


Get inspired by other students' exchanges:

Programme-specific opportunities

The Faculty of Medicine has exchange agreements with partner universities abroad. This gives you unique opportunities for theoretical and clinical studies. Below is a list of programme-specific opportunities:

Opportunities for all students

A range of international opportunities are available to all students at the Faculty of Medicine. 

Degree projects abroad

You have the opportunity to carry out parts of your degree project abroad.

Read more about finding a degree project

Exchange studies via University Wide Agreements (Uniwide)

As a student at Lund University, in addition to the exchange opportunities offered by the faculty, you can study abroad for 1–2 semesters via the Lund University Wide Agreements (Uniwide).

As a student at the Faculty of Medicine, you undertake this exchange outside your study programme, with the exeption of students in the Biomedicine programmes. This means that you need to take an approved leave from your study programme. 

Within Uniwide, you cannot apply for courses at partner universities’ medical faculties or seek clinical placements/workplace training. Studying abroad does not count towards the degree, with the exception of the Master's Programme in Biomedicine.

University-wide agreements announced during the autumn of 2022


  • Griffith University
    Spring 2024
  • University of Melbourne
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024
  • Monash University
    Autumn 2023
  • University of Sydney
    Spring 2024


  • University of British Columbia
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024
  • University of Toronto, St George
    Autumn 2023


  • University of Hong Kong
    Spring 2024


  • Univeristy of Paris Saclay
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024


  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024


  • University of Szeged
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024

New Zealand

  • University of Auckland
    Autumn 2023


  • University of Porto
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024


  • National University of Singapore
    Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024

South Africa

  • Stellenbosh University
    Autumn 2023


  • University of Virginia
    Spring 2024

University wide agreements - Nordic countries

It is possible to go on exchange studies to universities in the Nordic countries. These universities are not announced in the Uniwide application in SoleMove. If you are interested in exchange studies at one of these Nordic universities during the autumn semester 2023 or spring semester 2024, please contact your international coordinator by November 15, 2022.

Summer courses abroad

Some of our study programmes offer summer courses. As a student at Lund University, you also have the opportunity to study abroad during the summer applying for summer courses via Lund University.

More information is available on the central Lund University website

Study abroad independently

If you want to study at a university that is not included in the Lund University Exchange Programme, you can apply independently. This means that you take the initiative to search for information, send documents and pay tuition fees. Lund University does not provide individual guidance on this matter.


Caroline Morand
Email: caroline [dot] morand [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se 
Tel: +46 (0) 46 222 31 73

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Biomedicine
  • Bachelor's programme in Biomedicine

Elena Vinci 
Email: elena [dot] vinci [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 (0) 46-222 71 13

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Public Health
  • Master's programme in Medical Science

Anna Graber-Soudry (on leave)
Email: anna [dot] graber-soudry [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Public Health
  • Master's programme in Medical Science