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Education during covid-19

Information to all students at the Faculty of Medicine

According to the vice chancellor's decision, the Faculty of Medicine has returned to running things in the ordinary way after the covid pandemic.

Information from the programmes are sent directly to all students concerned. If you have any questions - ask your course manager or course administrator.

 Read more on the website of the Public Health Agency.

Gradual adjustment from 9 February

From 9 February 2022, teaching and assessment of students' performance (examinations) will be gradually adapted for a return to campus completely without restrictions.

The adaptation must be fully completed by 21 March. During this period, teaching takes place both on the university's premises and digitally.

The step-by-step return to campus is based on available teaching facilities.

Keep in mind that it is still important to stay home in case of symptoms, this applies even if you have been vaccinated or have had covid-19!

If you are not vaccinated, you need to be extra careful and avoid crowds and large crowds indoors.

VFU, VIL, internships and the practical elements

It is still important to take responsibility, especially for you who are out at VFU / VIL: follow the healthcare directives and hygiene rules very carefully.

Personnel in care and care for the elderly should be tested for symptoms of covid-19 according to the recommendations of the public health authority. When you are out at VFU / VIL, you are equated with staff and must follow the healthcare guidelines.

Some municipalities in Region Skåne have decided on requirements for vaccination against covid-19 for new employment in care-related sectors. It has been announced that students who are to do VFU / VIL in this respect are equated with newly hired staff. The decisions are based on an assessment of patient safety and mean in practice that unvaccinated students will not be allowed to do their VFU / VIL in these municipalities. There is a risk that more care providers, for example other municipalities, may make similar assessments in the future.

You who for medical reasons have been advised not to vaccinate yourself need to contact their course leader / equivalent.

Pregnant women - the precautionary principle prevails

Pregnant women should not work in the treatment or care of patients or caregivers with a confirmed covid-19 infection. This is due to the special risks that can be associated with the pregnant woman. The Swedish Work Environment Authority has established this. If you as a student are pregnant and have teaching that is conducted in healthcare, contact your course coordinator for dialogue about your work situation.

Read more about working while pregnant on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's website.

Information from your programme

Programme-specific information can be found in your learning platform and/or in e-mails you have received from your programme. Here are links to programme-specific information for some of the faculty's programmess.

Support for you

International Office: Provides support for international exchange. International Office

Study guidance at the Faculty of Medicine: Offers support and guidance in study-related issues. Study guidance

Student welfare officer at the Faculty of Medicine: Offers call support via digital meetings or telephone meetings. Contact via email elin [dot] linderberg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Student Health Counselling at LU is currently open as usual. Time is booked through the reception, phone 046-222 43 77 or on their website. Student Health Counselling at LU

The Academic Support Centre: Offers assistance with, among other things, study skills. Digital meetings or telephone meetings are currently being offered. Time booked through their website. The Academic Support Centre

Stay informed!

Follow the recommendations from the authorities and Lund university.

The Public Health Agency