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Education during covid-19

Information to all students at the Faculty of Medicine

The Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations to reduce the spread of infection are to be observed by all students at the Faculty of Medicine.

Our ambition is for students and teachers to meet again on site to a gradually increasing extent. Teaching and examination will be carried out both on the university's premises and digitally, based on current rules and recommendations from the responsible authorities and with regard to the prevalent spread of infection.

Information from the programmes are sent directly to all students concerned. If you have any questions - ask your course manager or course administrator.

 Read more on the web page of the Public Health Agency.

New guidelines from 4 January 2022

At the Faculty of Medicine, we are now adapting the educational activities with the aim to ensure that education mainly will continue to take place on campus. Guidelines are based on the current vice-chancellor's decisions and the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding universities.

The faculty’s programme sizes and conditions vary and there may for that reason be some differences between programmes. In general, large lectures are conducted digitally.  All examinations and other teaching are carried out on campus. For you as students, it will be important to keep yourself up to date on current guidelines, which you can find on Studentwebben.

We must continue to help avoid crowding and reduce the spread of infection.

  • Group teaching is planned with the aim of not mixing student groups more than necessary.
  • Try to sit in the rooms so that as wide a distance as possible can be kept. Regular breaks when the room is aired are recommended.
  • Face masks and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • In the case of proficiency training, the same instructions for protective equipment must apply that apply in healthcare in the corresponding situation.
  • In laboratory sessions, when distance cannot be kept, face masks are recommended.

Keep in mind that it is still important to stay home in case of symptoms!

As some of you will know, some municipalities in Skåne have decided on requirements for vaccination against COVID-19 for new employment in care-related sectors, and the vaccination requirement will then also apply to students who do their  VFU/VIL. There is a risk that more healthcare providers, such as other municipalities or regions, may make similar decisions in the future. The possibilities for switching assigned VFU/VIL placement are limited. If for medical reasons you have been advised not to get vaccinated, you need to contact your course leader/equivalent.

New recommendations as of December 8

As of December 8, new recommendations are summarized here (in Swedish). The text states "Educational elements in school and education are not covered by the recommendation, however".

The Faculty of Medicine's interpretation of the recommendations is therefore, pending Lund University's specifying the recommendations in more detail, that all teaching continues in accordance with previous decisions for what applies from 1 November.

Take personal responsibility!

It is vital that you take personal responsibility.This is especially important for you who participate in education taking place in the health care.

You who have teaching at a clinic have an extra great responsibility to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations. You are then in two environments - student life and healthcare - where the spread of infection in both cases is greater than in society as a whole. By bringing infection between these environments, you can therefore contribute to a strengthening of the spread of infection. It is especially unfortunate if you take covid-19 with you to healthcare and infect patients. This can have serious consequences for both patients and healthcare. It happens that you become infected without having symptoms yourself or before you get symptoms.

We encourage you to to get a vaccination if you haven´t already done so.

We ask you to:

Education abroad

The Faculty of Medicine cancels all courses abroad for students studying in educational programmes that lead to a degree in the care profession, during the spring term of 2021, since it this cannot be carried out safely with reference to the spread of Covid-19.

Information from your programme

Programme-specific information can be found in your learning platform and/or in e-mails you have received from your programme. Here are links to programme-specific information for some of the faculty's programmess.

VFU, VIL, internships and the practical elements

VFU, VIL, internships and practical elements associated with are carried out as planned. Some individual VIL and VFU elements might be modified or cancelled based on patient safety assessment. It is permitted that practical skills exercises and laboratory work within the educational activities are carried out on the university's premises. This must be preceded by a risk assessment.

Support for you

International Office: Provides support for international exchange. International Office

Study guidance at the Faculty of Medicine: Offers support and guidance in study-related issues. Study guidance

Student welfare officer at the Faculty of Medicine: Offers call support via digital meetings or telephone meetings. Contact via email elin [dot] linderberg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Student Health Counselling at LU is currently open as usual. Time is booked through the reception, phone 046-222 43 77 or on their website. Student Health Counselling at LU

The Academic Support Centre: Offers assistance with, among other things, study skills. Digital meetings or telephone meetings are currently being offered. Time booked through their website. The Academic Support Centre

Stay informed!

Follow the recommendations from the authorities and Lund university

Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for students from Lund university

The Public Health Agency