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Faculty of Medicine's travel grant

Students at the Faculty of Medicine can apply for a travel grant from the faculty for study abroad. A grant can also be sought for visa and vaccination costs and any costs relating to a placement at a hospital. You must be registered as a student at the Faculty of Medicine throughout the period of the exchange studies. The grant can be offered on no more than two occasions.  

You can apply for the grant at any time. The grant applies only for studies that yield a credit transfer within the programme. Funds are also provided for study abroad within the university-wide agreements.

In order to receive the travel grant from the Faculty of Medicine, it is required to do the digital pre-departure course (ReadySetGo) before the mobility abroad.

Go to the pre-departure course ReadySetGo (Canvas learning platform)

Travel grants are not accorded in the following cases:

  • Mobility abroad to study destinations that the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advices against all travel to. Costs that arise during the time that there is such an advice against travel to the study destination, are not granted. If such an advice against travel to the study destination arises during the mobility period, the student must go home within 30 days, in order to continue to be entitled to the travel grant.
  • Studies that have been granted scholarships via Crafoord Foundation, Nordplus, Erasmus, MFS, Linnaeus Palme or other scholarship that exceeds the amount of SEK 12,000.
  • Conferences 
  • Tuition fees

Grant amounts

You must be away at least 15 working days to be eligible for the scholarship.* The amounts below assume that you have expenses and clear receipts corresponding to at least these amounts.

  • For studies outside Europe, you can receive up to SEK 4,000 for travel costs (refers to flights, trains, buses and the like).
  • For studies within Europe, you can receive up to SEK 2,000 for travel costs (refers to flights, trains, buses and the like).
  • Vaccination and visa costs are granted with a maximum of SEK 2,500 (health certificate counts as vaccination).
  • Healthcare-related fees such as trespassing fees and fees for supervision at hospitals (not university-related fees) are granted with a maximum of SEK 1,500. This type of fee is unusual and does not usually occur in exchanges with partner universities.
  • Students who travel by train round trip to the study destination can be granted up to SEK 1,000 extra in travel allowance for presentation of receipts. For a single journey by train, up to SEK 500 is granted.

*exception for the Specialist Nursing and Midwifery program who are eligible for the scholarship for 10 working days abroad


Step 1: Before departure

You will receive a preliminary decision as soon as the application has been processed (approx. one month). Grants are not accorded before step two is completed. Remember to save all receipts for your application-related costs.

Step 2: When you have returned

1. No later than one month after your return, complement your application by writing a travel report.

You may write your travel report at the central website at the university.

2. To register your bank account you may register here (Lund University Staff Pages) 
Enter employer: Lund University. ATTENTION! If you have already received a payment to your bank account through Lund University, you do not need to register your bank details. If your account is not registered, you will instead receive a Plusgiro payment card to be redeemed at the bank for a fee.

3. Hand in your accounting, i.e. your original receipts, to BMC reception. If you have digital receipts, print them out. Submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of the travel tickets, clearly stating the date, destination and passenger name. If this is not available, an account statement must be enclosed showing information on the payment.  
  2. Receipts for vaccination and visa costs
  3. Receipts for fees relating to placement in medical care
  4. Bank information for payment (see above) 

Applications for travel allowance can be made on an ongoing basis. However, a complete application must be received no later than 1 month after returning home. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Your receipts must clearly show what the expenditure is for, e.g. What vaccinations have you received?

If you have questions about your application or about your receipts, send them to resebidrag [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

The documents can also be sent to BMC reception at the following address:

BMC reception / Travel allowance
Faculty of medicine
Lunds university
Box 117
221 00 LUND



Sofie Wallberg
Email: sofie [dot] wallberg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (sofie[dot]wallberg[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se) 
Tel: +46 (0) 46 222 31 73

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Biomedicine
  • Bachelor's programme in Biomedicine

Nadia Benabou
Email: elena [dot] vinci [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (nadia[dot]benabou[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)
Tel: +46 (0) 46-222 71 13

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Public Health
  • Master's programme in Medical Science