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Your rights and responsibilities

As a student at the Faculty of Medicine, you have both responsibilities and rights in relation to the faculty and the University.

Student rights might involve student influence, the student work environment, implementation of exams and degree projects and much more. 

Students’ rights and responsibilities are gathered in the List of Rights, which is formulated to cover the most common situations that can arise during a student’s studies. In the event that a right is not covered in the list, students can turn to the student unions for help and support.

On Lund University’s main website, you can familiarise yourself with the eight sections of the List of Rights.

Your rights and responsibilities (Lund University main website)


If you experience shortcomings in your student work environment, in the first instance you should contact one of the people below:

Course director
The person responsible for the course you are studying, e.g. one of the course management team or another member of teaching staff you have confidence in. During a VFU/VIL, placement, contact the supervisor at the location of your placement if possible.

Study counsellor 
Contact details for your study counsellor

Student health and safety representative or student union 
Contact details for the student health and safety representative and student union

If you do not receive the response or the support you expect, you can contact someone with an overall responsibility for your student work environment:
Contact details for staff with overall responsibility for your study environment