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Exchange studies

The application periods are:

  • 1–15 November for exchange studies in the coming autumn semester
  • 1–15 April for exchange studies in the coming spring semester

Application to exchange studies via University-wide agreement is open 1-15 November for the coming autumn term and for the successive spring term.

1. Application to the International Office

You apply for exchange studies via our website during the application period. 

Application for exchange studies (Solenovo website) - Follow the steps below:

1. Select Lund University, then select SWAMID and login with your LUCAT. 
2. Then select outgoing student mobility and your own programmes announcement. Please note that some of the programs' own agreements and UNIWIDE may be in separate announcements.

Guide to Solemove (LU Box)

Your application must include the following documents:

  • Ladok transcript (state document as "first name second name_Ladoktranscript")
  • Motivation letter ("first name second name_Motivationletter"):

Use the following document for you motivation letter:

Motivation letter (Word 14 kB)

2. Nomination

If several students apply for the same place, a selection process is undertaken. The applicants who fulfil the entry requirements will be ranked according to the following criteria. In case two or more applicants rank equal according to the first criterion, the assessment process moves on to the second, and so on:

  1. Previous exchanges: Applicants who have not previously been on an exchange, within their degree programme at the Faculty of Medicine, take precedence.
  2. Semester status: The applicant who has the shortest period of their studies left takes precedence, on condition that the exchange is feasible.
  3. Drawing lots: If several applicants are ranked equally, the nomination is decided by the drawing of lots.

Exceptions to the ranking rules

  • Upon application via Uniwide Agreements or UC Study Center, priority is given to students who may be given credit for their studies in their education programme.
  • Students can only be nominated to the same university once.

Note: a nomination is no guarantee of admission to a partner university.

3. Applying to a partner university

After receiving a nomination decision, you need to apply to the partner university. Your international coordinator can guide you through the application process. It is important that you check early in the process if the partner university has specific language requirements. Several universities outside Europe, mainly in North America, require a language test (for example TOEFL or IELTS). You are responsible for paying for, and taking, the language test in time for the application to the partner university, but you do not need to take the test before you have been nominated. In specific cases it is sufficient that your International coordinator issues a document that states your English proficiency. Contact you International coordinator for advise.

The application process for partner universities can have relatively long waiting times. It is a question of keeping your nerve! Note that you are only admitted once you have received a signed Letter of Acceptance, or some other form of admission decision from the partner university.

Entry requirements for exchange studies

Remember to check that you fulfil the entry requirements for the exchange studies. There are general requirements that apply for all exchange students at Lund University and there are specific requirements set for exchange students at the Faculty of Medicine:

Lund University’s general entry requirements

To qualify for applying for exchange studies via Lund University, you must:

  • have completed at least 30 ECTS credits at the time of application
  • be able to present a study plan containing courses amounting to full-time studies that can be accredited towards a degree at Lund University. Summer courses are exempted from the latter requirement
  • be an active student, registered for full-time studies at Lund University, or have received approval for a study leave from your programme at Lund University at the time of application
  • have the required proficiency in the relevant language of instruction

Specific entry requirements for the Faculty of Medicine

  • You must fulfil Lund University’s general entry requirements for exchange studies.
  • The period abroad must be relevant to your current study level, and you must be able to transfer the credits from your studies abroad to your degree programme (Uniwide exchanges and summer courses are exceptions).
  • You must not have a deficit of more than 15 credits at the time of application.

Degree projects abroad  

When you choose to carry out your degree project abroad, you must be registered at the Faculty of Medicine and be examined here. You follow the regular course syllabus, but carry out the practical work at a laboratory, university, hospital or other institution abroad. Keep in mind that you also need to find a supervisor at Lund University. There are many different ways of finding a suitable project abroad.

  • Ask lecturers and researchers. They have a contact network within universities, medical institutions and organisations abroad.
  • Take part in the examination/discussion of degree projects and ask for tips from those who have been abroad.
  • Search for projects in the Lund University database, Lucris.
    Lund University Research Portal - Lucris
  • Contact the faculty’s partners. You can read about our cooperation agreements on the programme-specific pages under Study abroad.
    Study abroad
  • “Cold calls”. Are you interested in a particular issue or country/region? Where in the world is that particular issue most topical? Where is interesting research being conducted within this area? Are there international networks that focus on your particular issue? Identify a number of interesting institutions (universities, hospitals, organisations) and contact them.

If you are to travel to a university or medical institution that does not have an exchange agreement with Lund University, you need to fill in the following document and obtain all the required signatures.

Go to Cooperation Agreement Form (Word, 118 kB)

Send the agreement to your international coordinator before departure. You will receive a Student UT-insurance certificate in return.


Sofie Wallberg
Email: sofie [dot] wallberg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (sofie[dot]wallberg[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se) 
Tel: +46 (0) 46 222 31 73

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Biomedicine
  • Bachelor's programme in Biomedicine

Nadia Benabou
Email: elena [dot] vinci [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (nadia[dot]benabou[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)
Tel: +46 (0) 46-222 71 13

Coordinating exchanges within the:

  • Master's programme in Public Health
  • Master's programme in Medical Science