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Gender equality and equal opportunities

Gender equality and equal opportunities are fundamental principles in all parts of the University’s activities. As part of the University, the Faculty of Medicine works preventatively against discrimination and to promote equal opportunities. You can read more about this below.

Systematic preventive work against discrimination (Swedish acronym SFAD) 

According to the Discrimination Act, as an education provider, the Faculty of Medicine is obliged to undertake preventative measures against discrimination on an ongoing basis. It is the faculty’s responsibility to:

  1. Determine whether there is a risk of discrimination or obstacles to individuals’ equal rights and opportunities.
  2. Analyse the causes of the identified risks and obstacles.
  3. Take preventative and promotional measures.
  4. Follow-up and assess the work undertaken.

If you have thoughts or ideas that could form part of the preventative work in education, please contact us. You will find contact details in the box on this page.

Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee

Students are represented in the faculty’s Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee (Swedish acronym NJOL), through the principal student health and safety representative studenthalsa [at] mfskane [dot] se (studenthalsa[at]mfskane[dot]se)

The committee is tasked with achieving the university-wide goals by implementing the University's and the faculty's policy documents on gender equality and equal opportunities, disseminating knowledge about gender equality and equal opportunities, informing others about the work carried out at the faculty, proposing and initiating various measures and coordinating performance monitoring.

The faculty’s action plan

In the Faculty of Medicine’s action plan, you can read in more detail about the strategic goals for work environment management and work on gender equality and equal opportunities. The action plan is aimed at students but is also intended for managers and staff at the faculty.

Faculty of Medicine action plan 2023-2025 (LU Box)

Additional information

Gender equality statistics

Every year, Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee produces gender equality statistics for the Faculty of Medicine in order to enable reflection, develop appropriate active measures and have an established basis for discussions.

Open the gender equality statistics 2022 (PDF, 820 KB, new tab)


Seminar: Different backgrounds – equal treatment – 10 February 2022

A seminar about how people and healthcare interact with regard to ethnicity.

Research and reports clearly show that opportunities and conditions are unequally distributed in Sweden in respect of ethnicity. Certain groups are more vulnerable than others. What is the situation regarding racism and discrimination in healthcare? What is necessary to enhance such interactions and discourage prejudice and victimisation?

See a recording of the seminar (YouTube – in Swedish)

Preventative work

You will find information on this page about Lund University’s work to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunities (Lund University main website)



If you have thoughts and ideas regarding the preventive work against discrimination and for equal opportunities in education, please contact us! 

We can help you as a student to take your thoughts and ideas to the faculty management and programme management.

Member of teaching staff with HSE responsibility at the Faculty of Medicine
magnus [dot] abrahamson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (magnus[dot]abrahamson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se) 

Work environment and SFAD coordinator for students
jenni [dot] erlandsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (jenni[dot]erlandsson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se) 

Principal student health and safety representative 
studenthalsa [at] mfskane [dot] se