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On-campus written exam

This information is intended for students at the Faculty of Medicine. The rules apply from the autumn semester 2023 onwards.


  • A student who intends to participate in an examination must register in Ladok. A student who is not registered is not authorized to take the exam. For the Medical Programme, the student must be registered no later than 14 days before the exam. For all our other programs, the student must be registered no later than 7 days before the exam.
  • Students who wish to take an adapted exam due to a documented long-term disability must report this to the course administrator no later than 2 weeks before the examination. A decision from Lund University Disability Support Services must be attached.

At the time of the examination

  • Students are expected to arrive well in advance. The doors open approximately 30 minutes before the start of the exam. The time the doors are closed is indicated in TimeEdit. The exam begins with brief information from the exam host before writing begins.
  • In case of late arrival, the student must wait outside the exam hall. After 30 minutes there is a second welcome. After this, no more students are allowed in. Students arriving after the second admission may not take the exam and are referred to the next exam opportunity.
  • Students must leave personal belongings such as bags, outerwear and all technical equipment (e.g. mobile phone, smartwatches) in the designated place in the hall. Technical equipment must be turned off.
  • Students are responsible for finding their own place in the room. For digital exams, students must sit in the place where their personal code sheet is located. If the student logs in with another student's code sheet, the exam attempt is invalidated and the student must leave the hall after the second admission.
  • All students must present a valid form of identification*. The ID must lay clearly visible in one corner of the student's table. IDs are checked continually during the exam. A student who cannot show a valid ID is not authorized to take the exam. If the exam attempt has already started, it will be annulled and the student must leave the hall after the second admission is complete. Read the rules in its entirety (PDF 184 kB)
  • Students may bring a pencil and light refreshments such as fruit and drinks. Please note that nuts are not allowed. ID, pen and food (without bags) must be placed on the table at the student's seat. Remember not to bring food that could disturb others writing in the hall.
  • Students receive scratch paper from the exam host. The scratch paper may not be used before the exam starts.
  • If a student wishes to go to the bathroom during the test, they raise their hand. The student is called forward by the exam host who gives them further instructions. For digital tests, the student brings their iPad to the exam host. If the exam is divided into parts, bathroom visits are only allowed between parts, i.e. when one exam part has been submitted and before the next one starts.
  • No questions about the content of the examination will be answered during the exam time. If a student has other questions, they may raise their hand.
  • Students may leave the room at the earliest 60 minutes after the start of the exam. (For exams with a writing time of less than 60 minutes, students may leave the room at the end of the writing time.)
  • When a student has finished the exam and wishes to leave the room, the student raises their hand. They are then called forward by the exam host who gives further instructions. For digital exams, the student brings their iPad to the exam host.
  • All students must show identification when submitting their exam. For digital exams, the student logs out of the device and cleans the equipment as instructed by the exam host.
  • Students are not allowed to take the scratch paper out of the writing hall.
  • For digital tests, the student is allowed to take their code sheet out of the writing hall, as it is a personal document.

* Valid forms of identification are: a Swedish or foreign passport, a Swedish driver’s license, a Swedish national ID card. From 240115 the following are also allowed: Swedish ID card for residents issued by the Swedish Tax Agency, or a national identity card issued by an EU/EEA country with a current date of validity.

Prohibited exam aids and subsequent disciplinary measures

  • A student who is in possession of unauthorized aids is reported for suspicion of cheating.
  • Conversation or other contact between students is not allowed during the exam. Those involved are reported for suspicion of cheating.
  • Students who behave disruptively are expelled from the hall. Disruptive behaviour may lead to disciplinary measures.

Are you writing an exam at Matteannexet?

Exams written at Annexet are managed centrally by LU. For you as a student at the Faculty of Medicine, the same exam rules apply whether you are taking an exam in the E-building (BMC), CRC, or at Matteannexet.

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