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Certificate of International Merits (CIM)

If you are involved in international activities, the Certificate of International Merits provides an excellent opportunity to broaden and highlight your engagement!


What is it?

The Certificate of International Merits gives you a unique opportunity to strengthen your academic, personal and professional development. By participating in various international activities during your period of studies, you collect and highlight merits that lead to a Certificate of International Merits. The certificate is issued alongside your degree and is reported into your Diploma Supplement.

How does it work?

You can register for the Certificate of International Merits at any time during your studies via the learning platform, Moodle. You will receive a digital merits portfolio in which you document your international activities.

Register for the Certificate of International Merits in Moodle


To be able to apply for a Certificate of International Merits, you need to participate in at least three international activities, of which one needs to be conducted in Sweden and one abroad. 

Example activities:

  • Go on an exchange, participate in a summer course or conduct your degree project abroad
  • Attend international conferences and workshops
  • Become a mentor in the International Buddy Group (participate in at least three activites)
  • Go to language cafés (at least three times) or create a journal club
  • Participate in lectures of an international nature 

You may include lectures as an international activity if you attend a minimum of three events, such as lectures at the International Day, Global adventure, and similar events organized by the Faculty or by your study programme.

You are responsible for finding and applying to the activities you want to participate in. The activities you wish to include in your Certificate of International Merits need to be approved by your international coordinator.

Account of your activities

When you have completed your activities, you need to write a final report and give an oral presentation during a CIM ceremony. 

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What’s in it for me?

You will:

  • highlight your international merits
  • broaden your intercultural communication skills
  • widen your international network

What do former students think?


The Certificate of International Merits is an excellent way of promoting international experiences among students, and also encourages reflection and dialogue between students and the professions.

Hampus Holmer
Qualified medical student


Through the Certificate of International Merits, I have been able to achieve the international focus I wanted to have during my period of studies. There have been many opportunities to collect merits and via the Certificate of International Merits I have increased my knowledge on global health.

Elisabeth Karlsson
Qualified audiology student


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