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Print and photocopy

Here you can find information about printing and photocopying, and what to do about failed printouts.

Printing system at The Faculty of Medicine

Your prints will be placed in a central queue. You can get your prints from any copier connected to PaperCut within the Faculty of Medicine. You can send your prints from computers in computer rooms and our libraries/study centers, or from your own computer. Nothing will be printed before you have logged in and identified yourself at the printer.

Prints remain in the system for 12 hours.


  • Log in to the copier with your student account and identify yourself with your LU card (or other access card) when you want to retrieve your prints, copy or scan.
  • Connect your LU card at the copier by placing the card on the card reader and log in with your student account. Only one card can be connected to your account in the printout service.

Keep in mind:

  • Paper format must be A3, A4 or A5. Other paper formats will not be accepted by PaperCut.
  • Printouts with more than 2000 pages will be automatically cancelled.
  • Completely identical printouts sent to the printer within 3 seconds will be automatically cancelled.

Install printer on your own computer

To use the printing system PaperCut you need to install a printer, LUPrint-popup, that will work with all printers connected to the system.

Click the link LUPrint-popup, save the file and follow instructions. You must allow the installation to run.

Card payment for printouts

You need to connect your credit card to the printing system PaperCut in order to pay for your prints. When you register a card 1 SEK will be drawn from your account. That amount will then be used for prints. If you want to change to another card, you connect that card instead. The card last connected will be used.

When is the money withdrawn?

If your balance is less than -50 SEK your debt will be withdrawn from your account at the turn of the month. If your debt exceeds 50 SEK it will be withdrawn immediately. If there is no coverage on your card you will be cut off from the printing system. A new attempt for withdrawal is done each morning for three days, as soon as your debt is payed you can print again.

Transaction history: PaperCut portal

At the PaperCut portal you can log in with your student account to see your latest prints, to connect/reactivate/exchange a credit card to the printing system, and to check your printing account transactions.

Error report



Please contact the library at the building you are in.